Truth In Compassion

>Notes on comments on this site.

  • Comments must only be compassionate.  Polemics are not necessary to assert or convey an idea.  Hyperbole and metaphors will be discerned; but zero personal attacks will be tolerated.  Conveyed public witness of anyone, may be deleted if discerned to be harmful to the common good.  And any type of this kind of conveyance must be documented with verifiable sources.  No ‘off the cuff,’ blurbing in regards to anyone.   Truth requires charity for the common good.
  • Mutual understanding happens many times in degrees.  However, clearly objective harmful conveyances (i.e. many explicit ideas regarding chastity) will be deleted.
    For one thing, this site will be maintained as child and young adult friendly from The Divine Revelation understood by families from generation to generation;
    with many showing heroic virtue; even suffering much oppression for these truths of compassion.  There are many examples, even those who fell short in obvious ways; learning in word, example, and deed to live a chaste life — showing worthiness to share the joy not only following the Truth; but the joy of being delivered into the Truth.
  • Current event conveyances are welcome.  However, no matter how creative and well meaning; ‘straw man’ arguments will be carefully discerned from the perspective that every human consciousness exists for every human body before or instantaneously from the moment of conception.  And each consciousness is created with an ardent, emphatic, earnest desire to live in God’s Providence; so each person and person’s body deserves the same protection as anyone else.  The Church teaches that in cases of situational ethics, such as cancer or ectopic pregnancy — it is allowable in true compassion with great care to treat the mother to effect medical treatment – however the direct destruction of a child is not compassionately morally ordered.  The husband and wife, father & mother of a child in the womb; Pietro & Gianna Molla; accepted pain of being a possible widower, the pain of possible dying of cancer — immense suffering; that became a reality with their daughter Gianna surviving.   The publisher of this witnessed her speak joyfully of her father, mother, family and others for heroically witnessing to the Sacredness of every human life.  All of them showed heroic trust in providence; knowing in all circumstance no matter how sorrowful and painful is transitory leading to Eternal Life, Joy, and Peace.  Others have done the same thing with varied results; always giving Glory to the Sovereignty of our Compassionate Lord God.
  • Respecting the above; which may have additions to serve charity and the common good; lively discussion can help bring about mutual understanding.


  1. Wynetta says:

    In trying to understand the purpose of this; I see that your are very pro life. And you are willing to discuss current events, only in light of that. Is this true?


    1. yf777a says:

      yes, but with discerning latitude, other discussion will be engaged.


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