LovE, LovEd, and LovEing

BE-LOVE-BELOVED-BELOVINGmedium Hello, thank you for your time and considering this.
As a human beings we sometimes refer to ourselves as “me, myself, and I.”  [Me] can be considered, I have faith that I exist, and with trusting faith I know that God exists.  I can be Godly in my way like God is Love.  [Myself] can be considered, I have hope that God is not only Love but truly  loves me, and I can love myself.  [I] can be considered as I am loving not only of myself, but I love God and my neighbors.

These are three states of being.  We are in the image and likeness of The Lord God Almighty.  So, GOD IS LOVE, GOD IS LOVED, AND GOD IS LOVING can express Three states of Divine Being of God that has always existed, before Creation.  A state of being can be considered a ‘person.’  So my three states of human being are sometimes expressed as me, myself, and I.  I’m me, and myself, however I do this or that.  So, while it seems odd, me is a person or state of being, myself is a person or state of being, and I am a person or state of being of action.  So, I sometimes like to express God as BEING-LOVE, BELOVED, AND BEING LOVING;  Three Divine States of Being or Persons.  Mostly called Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  But we know that God has all powerful Maternal Love for us, we need both, of course.

Jesus The Christ was placed in the womb of The Virgin Mary as the Only Divine  Portion or Son of God, Begotten not made.  We are all created.  The Old Testament refers to  The Messiah as Everlasting Father or Father to His people.  Jesus Christ told Phillip that ‘you have seen the Face of The Father.’  We all realize that these are difficult things to believe, but they are true, and Lee Strobel in the “The Case For Christ,” with extra Biblical evidence along side Biblical evidence showed the Miracles and The Resurrection had to have happened.  Miracles have happened in Jesus Christ’s Name ever since.  The Ascension had to have happened, also.  Jesus Christ just before the Ascension said it is not for us to know the times and seasons established in The Father’s (God’s) Own Authority.

The Lord God, with all The Merits of Jesus The Christ, by discerning The Divine Poetic Six Days — is still ‘separating the Light from the Darkness,’ and Creating us and preparing a place for those God Always does God’s All Powerful Best to Bring to Paradise.   Those who truly cooperate with Divine Unmerited by us Favor, for The Kingdom of God to dwell within.   To participate by Grace as LovE, being LovEd, and LovEing as one human being with three states of Being.  The alternative is vanity, only doing things for others to look good to one’s self or others and unfortunately Jesus Christ said that not all who say to Him when He returns ‘Lord, Lord’ will inherit The Kingdom of God.  They will claim many deeds, but He will say depart from Me you workers of inequity, I never knew you.  But those who let their spirit, soul, and strength by Grace be transformed into self-giving; Jesus Christ grants inheriting Eternal Life.

When we diligently seek God, we truly learn good vs. evil – and convey this to others – and do all we are able like Good Samaritans for our neighbor, with the most helpless first.  Jesus Christ said that whatever is done to the least is done unto Jesus Christ, Who Gave All for each of us to avoid vanity – and only caring for others to look good to ourselves and others.  Sincere Godly assertive kindness by the courage God Provides cares for all others as best we can; even when the climate seems favorable to care for those who have power over the helpless – and severely hurt their own psyches when not having an informed conscience given the power not to help the helpless within their stewardship.  Only God knows full knowledge; but silence or standing aside, certainly doesn’t help the weakest.  Peace, total well being with God, with all my heart and prayers be with you and yours.


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  1. Peace of Jesus,
    from @SoulofJeffron,
    wishing my friend like family, LeAnn @SoulofEverle
    warmth, LovE, and hugs.. with nurturing honest acceptance

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