Interesting take on recent Church and society history.
Peace, and heartfelt well wishes be with you. Thank for your time in reading this comment. Precise details of what they did are not all known; however, “A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing,” airing from time to time on EWTN since autumn 2016 asserts some of these things. Fr. Pacwa was in that particular Evangelical work, that helped expose some of the darkness of our times and how it came about. I also have a book called, _A Trojan Horse in the City of God: The Catholic Crisis Explained_ by Dietrich von Hildebrand, 1993 printing, authorized by Alice von Hildebrand with a forward by John Cardinal O’Connor that asserts some of these things. That it happened, certainly has a lot of credible, walk the walk, devout hard working Catholics verifying it. And the proof is in the pudding as they say. All of the objectives by the secular humanists who assert that God & morality are mere changeable human reasoned society constructs & mores have transpired on open societies and The Church. ~ Thank God for those who adhere to teaching the assertive compassion of The Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, who not only raised awareness of what has transpired and why; but offer solutions. We know that when compassionate exhortations to form a firm purpose of amendment by Grace to grow in virtue, to be strengthened by inner peace to grow more and more joyfully willing to avoid sin and near occasions of sin; are more prevalent, then society as a whole desires more to adhere to those ideals. This has a direct bearing on poverty; for when the converse is true, then more people develop a lack of an informed conscience and attachments to earthly desires & distractions & entertainment grow. Many times these things give an anesthetic effect of the inner restlessness of drifting away from God & God’s Objective Beauty, Goodness, & Truth. And these diversion grow more ubiquitous. This in turn increases broken families, addictions, ambiguous direction. So those who concentrate on ‘material’ needs based philosophies who blame religion, especially, Judaeo Christianity with propaganda that this is the main cause of historical sorrows; pointing at the hypocrisies of nobility & clerics in secular matters in the middle ages for fodder for their propaganda; foster & encourage their moral relativism false freedom which entices a following. In addition they offer collectivist state run false solutions to poverty. The anti-Gospel works of false spiritual & false corporal works of mercy empower one another by complacency of those who know compassionate assertive objective Grace in exhorting these things in charity and true concern for neighbor. It has always been historically true. We must be creative in refuting the Adversary, who loves to use hypocritical things of the past to accuse, distort, and create an atmosphere of shame & peer pressure not to Evangelize with proportion to grave moral justice concerns historically necessary in Spiritual & Corporal Works of Mercy. Thank God for EWTN & her ministries, Catholic Answers & her ministries, Ascension Presents, Renewal Ministries, Fraternity of Catholic University Students, St. Paul Ministries, Priests For Life, Fr. Stephen Imbarrato’s ‘Protest Child Killing,’ which does reflect the direction of “QUAS PRIMAS ENCYCLICAL OF POPE PIUS XI ON THE FEAST OF CHRIST THE KING” which directs to assert The Sovereignty of Jesus Christ in every venue of society; & other Catholic Encyclicals & Teachings based on the assertive compassionate Grace filled Gospel; (for example, Jesus Christ, nor Apostles shied away from sharing the Gospel with ruling classes religious & civil); and many more like “The Chastity Project,” for marriage & dating; and “Courage” for those suffer from same sex attraction. Don’t we need to raise awareness at the Parish & Bishopric level of the solutions to heed Jesus Christ to do this in every highway and hedgerow? Yes, there is a ‘Goliath’ of educational venues, media venues, medical venues, corporate venues, arts & entertainment venues, an ‘oligarchical’ elitist political faction venue; and so on; but we can form a ‘sling’ & ‘stone’ like David opposing objective evil with compassionate assertive truth. ~ The Gospel is Anointed, for Jesus Christ is The Anointed One, The Holy Spirit is sometimes referred to as The Anointing. So, the distortions of The Gospel or destroying it as a myth, will never prevail. It’s like Goliath claiming he will feed David, who was anointed by Samuel to the bird of the air & beasts of the field. The Living Word of God Gospel proclaims to the biases in venues of culture that like David proclaimed to Goliath, “This day the LORD will deliver you into my hand. This day I will strike you down, cut off your head, and give the carcasses of the Philistines to the birds of the air and the creatures of the earth. Then the whole world will know that there is a God in Israel.” – 1 Samuel 17:46 Just replace ‘God in Israel,’ with Jesus Christ in The Gospel of Life. Peace.

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