Chaput vs. Martin-What Catholics Must Do to Hold Clergy Accountable

Peace of The Only Divine Anointed One Jesus;’`
The Living Word of God through The Holy Bible, and Clear Salvation History is perfectly clear
on Holy Matrimony by The Lord God between One man and One woman; whereby, all children come from God.
There is nothing new under the sun as The Good Book says.
Jesus taught these things very clearly.
As does The Book in The Biblios (paged Scrolls), Romans, and other Books in The Holy Bible teach.
So, all Fullness and Truth in Faithfulness and Godly Objective Moral hinges on The Holy Bible.

The Catholic Philadelphian

Chaput vs Martin

Recently, Archbishop Chaput responded to a flood of emails that were in his emails regarding the recent visit of Father James Martin, SJ at St. Joseph’s University this week. Fr. Martin, the author of Building a Bridge, visited the Jesuit run university that is on the mainline. He gave a talk on his book that discusses how to handle homosexuality.

One day after his appearance, Archbishop Chaput released a statement criticizing him for how he is causing ambiguity with church teaching on homosexuality. In turn, Fr. Martin wrote a commentary responding to Archbishop Chaput’s column.  He thanked him for the thoughtful critique, yet he vows to continue doing what he is doing.

While I admire the archbishop for taking the time to clarify the vague preaching of Fr. Martin, he has missed the mark in dropping the harsh truth on what he has done. Many Catholics were hoping for the…

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