with regards to God’s Graced Gift Of Salvation

The Lord Jesus Beloved Anointed One truly sends Covenant, Relationship, Chesed (Charity), as a thankful participation in ‘The Anointing,; which is the Holy Divine Natural Law Shekhinah Glory Spirit, which Governs The Holy Guardian Angels, The Spirits of the Selves(Souls) Made Perfect, and all of humanity, for the sacred purpose of proclaiming The Glad Tidings, Good News, Gospel within the pages of The Holy Bible.
Each of us have been Created by God for God as Sent from Heaven God’s Children the same Holy Way to share God’s Sent Graced Loving Kindness Charitable Ways.

the graphic of a grandpa helping a grandson is based upon, yet to find the particular “Our Daily Bread,” truly printed article.  A true Daily Liturgical(GOD’s Sent Family in togetherness in community receiving expressed GOD’s Sent Word, to know do GOD’s Known Best, for resting in GOD’s Sent Peace Joy Of The Lord Testimonial Lifetime Journey.
this comment text, not including this aside, is also offered as a comment in each of our God’s Graced Gift Of Life, and other of God’s Graced Gifts,
in the comments section of the video available where this
song titled, “Salvation Song – Stuart Townend,”
url link, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WWehzQbQ6IA

We each are part of a Family, Friendships, Companion ships, with Neighbors which make up the members of Promised by The Lord God Almighty Assembly Congregation Gathering in Hospitality Body Of Believers Church, further Promised never to succumb to the gates of the netherworld but be Everlasting in this life on Earth and in the Hereafter.
Since, The Promises Of God are dependent on what someone does with The Divinely Given Blessing Favor Inspirations commonly known as Grace, we each must not only hear The Word Of God but be doers of The Word Of God. The Final Test does not have to be ‘scary,’ which is contained with the Biblical Texts within Holy Scripture to help each of us. The Lord’s Prayer (The Our Father) is one such Biblical Text. Known as The Servant of God, Moses, and others also described God’s Always All Powerful All Knowing All Seeing Complete Absolute Total Concern for each of us to fully accept Grace, not for fleshly endeavors, but for Holy Spiritual Endeavors, whereby one’s own God Given Granted Graced Freewill decisions have Eternal Consequences on Earth toward refusing God’s Graced Gift of Salvation or accepting God’s Graced Gift of Salvation’- whereby, if one fully refuses God’s Graced Gift of Salvation Known Completely to The Lord Jesus The Christ, at any time in a persons’s lifetime on Earth, many times some have very good idea of the person’s State Of Being by the person’s own fruit in a holistic only revealed by God’s Granted Grace for those whom have continued to accept toward Heaven God’s Granted Graced Gift Of Salvation toward the possibility of Heaven.
Be extremely careful in this! For if a person declares in an infallible way that someone has refused permanently God’s Granted Graced Gift Of Salvation, the person them-self, depending on God’s Graced Gift Of Knowledge in fullness, may be them-self refusing God’s Granted Graced Gift Of Salvation by defamation of character. God’s Graced Gift Of Salvation, most certainly of course, is so Devout Holy Reverent a Sacred Graced Gift Of Children’s or Adults Life, no one at all needs to take this for light and transient human reason based reasons, or claimed higher than human reason, at all;- for refusing God’s Graced Gift Of Salvation with always decisions which have Eternal Consequence for one’s own God’s Graced Gift of life on Earth and God’s Graced Gift Of The Hereafter means the person is set apart for a place which protects those Whom have always accepted God’s Graced Gift Of Salvation toward God’s Graced Gift Of Heaven.
Since, Family members in God’s Graced Gift Of life on Earth, make up all needed places in God’s Graced Gift Of Church, a person who absolutely refuses God’s Graced Gift Of a Thankful Participation in Christ as part of God’s Graced Gift Of Church then that person refused God’s Graced Gift Of Salvation Toward Heaven forever. While by God’s Graced Gift Of Salvation Toward Heaven, it is, of course encumbered on me, a member of God’s Graced Gift One Holy And Apostolic Church, as one Devout Gentleman Steward, it is highly likely that the likes of Carl Marx author of the Socialistic Communist Manifesto named form of humanistic Collectivism by Oligarchical Committee Groups writings;- whereby , whom by his own words showed deep contempt toward God’s Graced Gift Of One Holy And Apostolic Church with Children and other of God’s Graced Gift Of Salvation Toward Heaven still accepting God’s Graced Gift Of Salvation Toward Heaven adults;- he refused God’s Graced Gift Of Salvation Toward Heaven. Please be extremely cautious of eloquence that proclaims anything opposed to God’s Always Graced Gift Of Knowledge Of God’s Ways Of Salvation Toward Heaven, no one, of course, wishes to refuse, at all, God’s Graced Gift Of Salvation Toward Heaven, it wouldn’t make any sense to hurt one’s self, thereby be in a harmful state of Being with God’s Graced Children and adults living here on God’s Graced Gift of living on Earth.
In God’s Graced Gift of Thanksgiving for God’s Graced Gift Of Inner Peace,
have a wonderful day!

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