of “Who Was Ari Halberstam? 20 Years Since Terror Strikes On the Brooklyn Bridge” in shared faith, heartfelt response.

Thank you for your valuable time.
Each day we are blessed to share in the Creator’s Sent Love,
for sharing mutual understanding as justly and compassionately as we can do by the best excellence in meditative fiber of Being by the Grace that GOD’s Sent Peace gives each of us.
Peace and rejoicing in the blessings of complete well being of the joy of walking in the Light Of Life this day, and each day.
The source url link of heart touching article cited is as follows,

*note that with the harsh realities history, quite understandable the moderation at the wonderful sharing of G-D’s justice embraced peace compassion url source link: https://www.lubavitch.com/, Chabad-Lubavitch for mutual understanding of Jewish realities of Hashem’s (The Name)’s Sent Love of the world, may or may not publish the following comment.
_[comment offered is below this preface.]_
heartfelt sharing together

G-D Bless you and your family.
The world is such a blessing yet such heart wrenching things happen with terrorists so horribly hurting family members.
Thank you for sharing this, I’m not Jewish but we have a common bond in that
my family believes in Hashem of The Holy Bible. Personally the sad harmful things in history are painful to each and everyone that gives the wrong idea to some folk for what it is to practice Judaism or like I do believe that the true Messiah came in the first century as Isaiah 51 and other places in The Tanukh speak of The Suffering Servant for Israel and as another place says the land of Zebulun and Naphtali the land of the gentiles the Nations have seen a great light. This would be Galilee.
We believe in The L-rd Benevolent G-D, The Messiah of G-D born to a virgin as he is in the form of a man, and The Holy Spirit Of G-D.
Sadly some do not understand that we do not have three gods, we actually worship The ONE TRUE G-D just like Israel does. We are connected as Hashem, The Name is Merciful renewing tender mercies every single day, and helps as Deuteronomy 5 tells us, love G-D with all you heart, and all of your soul and all of your resourcefulness,
which is the command for all of the other Mitzvahs works of The Law(Torah) such as in Exodus 20. To continue referencing to Exodus 5, all that G-D compassionately told each of us, Teach them to the children when we wake up, when we go along the way, and when we lay down binding them as frontlets between our eyes and on our wrist speaks truly of loving each of our neighbors as ourselves. Which is in Leviticus 19:18.
So, please accept this a a neighbor who hates terrorism, and who love to share
what G-D blesses each of with in the peace that G-D sends into Creation for families on Earth to work together in Chesed. Shalom in Hashem’s true sent tzedek(justice) , tzedakah(charity) for sharing Hashem’s sent sharing loving kindness.
one of G-D’s servants, Joseph Cimino,
for mutual understanding.
P. S. Please note that Rabbi Kirt A. Schneider and his wife Cynthia share in a ministry
called “Discovering The Jewish Jesus Ministries,”
doing such a rejoicing work sharing the knowledge of Hashem,
and showing the direct link between the Tanukh and the fulfilled in Messiah later 27 of the first century Writings called The New Testament, which does not change Hashem’s Covenant with the world but shows Hashem The Savior, placing The Suffering Servant Messiah at the Hashem’s Sent Times And Seasons as a great light to the nations, so is called Hashem’s Son in The Form Of A Man, born to a virgin, so devoutly understood since Adam and Eve were tricked, the new foster parents of Jesus The Anointed One, Joseph and Mary are our new devout foster parents who said yes to Hashem.
Have a good day, and thank you, again.

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