Eternal Destiny

None of us came to this world in a vacuum.
Where we came from, and why we are here has been handed down from generation to generation.
Reliable persons, of good repute, or grew into good repute over the centuries not only talked the talk, but walked the walk – sometimes giving their very lives.
Everyone wants to be happy; also known as blessed.
So many have, by the Grace of God deduced or receive a Revelation that we have a built in desire; beyond all the injustice, sorry, and unhappiness in the world – a desire that transcends this world for perfect justice, goodness, and charity.  And they deduced or were revealed, that before Creation, before time began, now, and forevermore — these actually exist – and are not just some abstract yearnings of the heart, soul, and strength.
What happened that our freewill, in a desire for happiness – tries to fill this yearning for true peace and harmony within – with striving for power or money or prestige or pleasure — beyond what the purpose of those finite things in our world?
We know that we are Created for harmony with God; to actually live in The Life of God.
God is Benevolent.  All knowing.  And all powerful.  All loving.  Doesn’t it make sense that God Revealed what we have to do, to let our freewill conform to happiness?  Of course!, right?
Since God always existed and knows everything – God knows all the concepts of anti-benevolence.  To God, they only exist as a natural antithesis to God and goodness.
From our limited perspective, all of history, even the years of our lives seem like such a long time – to suffer the consequences of freewill choosing to let anti-benevolence cause so much unearned suffering – especially to children.  How can an All-Knowing, All-Powerful, All-Loving God let such suffering exist?  Without God given, trust in benevolence – which God gave each of us a yearning to obtain, and therefore must be attainable — we end up blaming God for evil.  God understands with perfect compassion in our trying to understand these things in painful brokenhearted experiences and witnessing these things — misunderstanding and expressing anger toward God — because God has Infinite Huge Shoulders to cry on.  However, once we let God comfort us; like a parent letting a crying angry child cry on their shoulder, sometimes hugging with a warm tender hand drying the tears and stroking the back, saying, I love you, it will be OK, it will work out, let me help you, and so on; God gives us clues, many times by those who learned this over the generations, and living persons, and as  we learn trust a sense of consolation from God.  But, this consolation on God’s part, never condones anything that is not harmonious with God and revealed ways to love ourselves and our neighbors.  Never.  When we resist God’s Healing (which strengthens to live through and be healed of so many difficult experiences – like betrayals, abuse, and so on;) our inner selves move away from peace and harmony.  Sometimes we get a euphoric feelings in attempt to fill this disharmony with things of this world — and even ignore in quiet times a sense of ‘something is missing or restlessness,’ and over and over again try unsuccessfully to fill them in things and relationships that go against this harmony.
What do we do?   Every experience, though some similar is different.  But with a sincere heart, that cares about one’s effect on others in this world — following Jesus Christ’s Words, of Ask, Seek, and Knock — certainly help to diligently seek God; and learn the objective true ways God revealed for inner happiness even in the most difficult — arduous painful circumstances.  Covenant Love of God and neighbor.  Trust God, when we let God in; with a sincere heart – the ups and downs of life are easier – and we have a sense of purpose.  We want to truly help others, and not lead anyone into disharmony, which when we look at the world — the results of not doing this are disastrous and painful.  And none of us want to follow enemies of God or lead anyone to be an enemy of God; when some of them choose forever a place that protects us from them.  A place of loneliness, ego, unable to revel in the things they choose to do on earth, – always blaming and cursing God in their self-willed pain.  Certainly not a good imaginable painful Eternal destiny of having refused Grace – deciding – I’m going do what I want, no matter what – place.
We want God to teach us, to help us will the things that make us truly happy, in harmony with God, family, friends and neighbors.  We want to be made ready for our Eternal Destiny in Heaven – a place of complete charitable love, acceptance, sharing, harmony — and by definition the funnest place to be.  Peace.