To Live Forever, help others.

Peace of The Lord Jesus The Only Divine Anointed One From The Real Heaven, not the heavens or creation or universe; but from Way Above us.
Aren’t Faith and Reason are backed up by the preponderance of the historical evidence? 
Too much to present here, Solomon taxed at 666 gold talents; while worshiping false gods, for an oligarchy type government, with false promises; not like his father David.
The Lord God, with Jesus The Christ being the same, yesterday, today, and forever; warned him. 
Persons for various reasons who look at the objective evidence allow their reason to be clouded; look at the same evidence, for example, Lee Strobel’s “The Case for Christ.”  Only The Lord Jesus Christ sees invincible full knowledge – denying faith.
It, of course, does not mean give up on dialogue. We know some of the reasons like,  why did Jesus Christ Ascend into Heaven? Why hasn’t He returned to end all of the heart wrenching, heinous atrocities, especially against children? Why did God allow these evil and sorrows in the first place?  So they come up with pantheistic, or other naturalistic material based idea of arbitrary fate that these things are what ‘the universe’ produces.
Couldn’t there be a philosophical metaphysical argument developed to help these persons?  The difficult problem of consciousness and the mystery of the suffering due to evil are related.  I saw two atheistic agnostics talking separately on two points that scientific reason taken to the limits shows that something as to be observed to exist because of quantum theory. And the other one said there could be because a euclidean point has zero dimensions, two zero dimensional points form a line of one dimension(breadth);  three zero dimensional points, if one is not on the same line, form
two dimensions(breadth and depth)  four zero dimensional points, if one is not on the same plane, form three dimensions(breadth, depth, and height); and so on.
Then he said, just like a little difference in DNA makes us vastly more intelligent than apes; there could be intelligent beings in higher dimensions vastly more intelligent that us.  And added, but we just can’t see them, and we could even be a computer generated ‘virtual reality.’
If they can get that far, couldn’t someone give them the argument that God in charge of The Angels, having vanquished the evil Angels; let us discern God from this Valley of Decision, Tears, and shadow of Death?
What if from God’s Perfect Compassionate All Powerful All Knowing All Seeing Benevolent Perspective, is *Preventing* heinous crimes like child abuse in the Concrete Reality of The New Heaven and New Earth;for each person to decide by truly receiving from God’s Covenant Love – Way; God’s Covenant Loved – Law – Written;
God’s Covenant Loving – Life – Behaving to the highest degree of freedom to protect objective; Goodness, Truth, and Beauty – preventing as best one can things like children being murdered in the womb; by helping bring about a return of the just laws and practices – and conscience – sharing provisions like equal opportunity to earn enough bartering power for food, clothing, shelter for the children & family?

And, of course, no overloaded by agenda biased bureaucracy, community chests. The Church as an assembly of sinners failed over the centuries in sins of fueling secular class warfare.
This was the main reason the tinderbox of Europe, at 1500 A. D. or so, was ripe for a philosophical/political/ideological ‘spark’ ignited the splintering of The Church. But this was preceded, by the extremely sorrowful split between Jesus Is Messiah Believing Jews and other Jews; by the tinderbox ‘sparks’ of The Destruction of Jerusalem in (70 & 130) A.D. & the Jews themselves not allowing Jesus Believing Jews religious freedom – growing toward 500 A. D. However, the Gentiles over reacted, because of concern of Christian Jews reverting to denying Christ; and encyclopedia of ‘fence laws’ forcing adult males to be physically circumcised, or a family needing to buy plots of land every mile to visit a relative on the Sabbath —- the Gentiles forbid Sabbath Observance, Rosh Hashanah to Yom Kippur and other Biblical Religious Observance; refined from The Temple based Levitical Priesthood.
Did you know that with Jubilee bartering, and fair bartering over the 49 years until the 50th year, that with growing equal opportunity for merit based earnings – with property owners always giving a living wage to families employed by them – that all under employment, inflation, and temporary borrowship – with property owner growing to provide for more families; some families starting their own businesses – and so on/ everything is resolved with fair arbitration by ministries of The Church.
If a loaf of bread cost one dollar in the beginning of the 50 years; with sharing wheat among other provinces – it almost always stays $ dollar through out. But a car may inflate from 10000 to 11000. But the completely fair bartering over the course of the Jubilee 49 years, everyone giving what they earned in merit based economy, the car goes back to costing 10000.
The whole world, has a politically based corporate complex, run by the state. The state by the consent of the people, by not addressing over the centuries the needs of families in need of alms from The Church, has taken over alms. It obviously does not work. And it’s main crime against humanity atrocity in sheer numbers is the mass murder of children in the womb or just outside of the womb.  Like crocodiles consuming their own young by material bestiality.  Crocodiles – Serpents – brood of Vipers – brute Beasts – 666 is the Mark of the Beast.  Those with full knowledge who bowed to Nero or survived by Nero materially denying Christ, received 666. The Seal of God, given by Christ *always* protects helpless children and others, providing all needs of life. The thoughts, words, (Frontlets between the eyes) and actions (the Right hand); if done without full knowledge narcissistic reasons, each person always defends the God given, dignity, value, and Sacredness of every human life from the instant of conception.
Pray for souls. Peace.