short end of reply to some find religion difficult.

Since many those who hold to God and morality are changeable societal concepts and mores gave as one of their goals to paint religion, especially Judaeo Christianity and it’s specific morals; and subjugate self evident inalienable truths of our Creator, The Laws of Nature, – Nature’s God with personal autonomy; we should never listen to a voice that calls for any aspect of that, nor passivity regarding that. The claims that sharing these things with compassion recognizing the dignity of what someone may be suffering with is ‘divisive’ is contrary to The Living Gospel of our Beloved Lord & Redeemer Christ. We just don’t point fingers or convey this in any harsh manner toward persons; just convey the compassionate Beauty, Truth, and Goodness of God; which attracts more to grow in Grace for inner harmony and the common good;
to be more of a united voice in our Merciful God and the just common good for all.